How to Stop Procrastinating

If you’re like me, you’ve experienced this cycle of perfectionism and procrastination your whole life, and spent many hours procrastinating, wondering how to stop procrastinating. (Vicious cycle! haha)

I vividly recall even as a child, not wanting to do something unless I knew I could do it perfectly. It was agonizing to think anybody would see me failing, or getting something wrong.

Maybe you wouldn’t even start or attempt certain things, and tell yourself that you could do it if you wanted to, you just don’t have the time (or some other BS excuse to stay in your comfort zone).

I find lots of meaningless tasks to fill my days with to appear busy. And people believe I’m busy, meanwhile, I’m not actually doing the things that I know would have the most impact on my business, my life, the lives of those around me. Sound familiar? I can’t be the only one.

Whhyyyyy do we do this to ourselves?

I’m also guilty of having it take multiple editing sessions to complete one client gallery because I get so distracted – check email, see FB notification pop up, text from Mom, kid needs a snack, I need a snack…

Self-Sabotage? I was the queen of it.

This week I want to share a podcast episode I listened to recently that was really helpful in breaking down these habits and how to regain control. I love how Rachel Bell talks about these things in such a relatable way

Check it out ··HERE··

Things that have worked well for me are:

  • breaking bigger tasks down into bite-size pieces. I’m less likely to get overwhelmed if I tell myself I only need to do one step before taking a break.
  • working in 20-minute uninterrupted increments (set a timer, close social media)
  • actually scheduling things other than photoshoots in my calendar, like writing these emails for instance! (Also the reason I did my editing class LIVE this week – I knew I’d get it done with a hard deadline like that!)
  • learning about money mindset and how my own upbringing and thoughts about money were holding me back

Tell me, are you a perfectionist/procrastinator? What techniques or skills have you learned to help move through it? Or are you still feeling stuck? Did the podcast provide some insight or AHA moments for you? Reply and let me know!

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