Hey! I'm Tara.

I'm an award-winning and accredited photographer with over 15 years experience in photography. I'm actually one of those old-school people that went to college for photography, and started out on film cameras. (Anyone want to guess my age?)


Since graduating at the top of my college class, I worked in a high-end portrait studio in Toronto, a commercial studio, and a wedding studio, before venturing off to start my own business full time.
Ask my husband about that time I made a quick decision and booked showings for a new house (without telling him) so I could quit my job and have a home studio!


I firmly believe in mentoring and coaching, and have invested many thousands of dollars into personal and professional development myself.


Over the years I've learned a thing or two, and I love being able to help other photographers learn from my mistakes, and advance further and faster than they would on their own.



I'm a good mix of logical and spontaneous. I believe it's good to know where you want to go, but you gotta have a little flexibility in how you get there. You may even discover a new, better destination along the way ;)



Impromptu after-hours class at Shutterfest

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