Useful Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

Lightroom keyboard shortcuts

Where are my Lightroom users at?! 
I’m a huge fan of Lightroom Classic and how it can speed up and create consistency in your workflow! 

If you’re not using Lightroom yet, let me know what’s holding you back – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

There are soooo many tips and tricks to speed up your workflow, and this is one of my faves for all software I use – KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS.

What Are Shortcuts?

Lightroom keyboard shortcuts are simply keys you can tap on your keyboard that will bring up different modules or tools, instead of having to navigate in the menus to find them. Even though it may just be a couple of seconds each time, this can really add up! I use keyboard shortcuts for just about everything, and today we’re just going to look at three keys you can start using right away.

These are the three modules in LR that I bounce back and forth between all the time:

  • Grid/Library
  • Develop
  • Survey Mode (compare multiple images)

And if I had to navigate into the menus each time, that would be super annoying. Here’s an easy way to switch back and forth with the tap of a key:

G = Grid 
D = Develop
N = Survey

See How I Use These

Check out this quick video to see how I use the modules (I didn’t talk about Develop much because that’s where we edit our images and that’s a whole other topic, which we can delve into if you’re interested):

If you aren’t already on Adobe’s Photographer’s Plan – hop to it! Having the latest updates for Photoshop and Lightroom means you always have access to the latest and greatest features. 

What are your biggest struggles with Lightroom? I’m working on new videos and would love to make sure they’re helpful for you! Send me a message with any suggestions!

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