How To Install ACR Adjustment Presets

Thanks for downloading my fave ACR brushes! Here you can follow along for how to install Photoshop Adjustment Brushes so they appear in your options. These instructions are for the current version of Photoshop 2024 (this post last updated Feb 2024).

Installing ACR Brushes

  1. Open the folder containing the xmp files for ACR
  2. Navigate to the correct folder on your hard drive
    Mac – Users > (Your Username) > Library > Application Support > Adobe > CameraRaw > LocalCorrections
  1. Copy and Paste the xmp files into the LocalCorrections folder
  2. You may need to quit and re-open ACR to see your presets.

They will show up under the “Preset” dropdown when you have any of the masking tools selected:

Did you come across this page but haven’t got your presets yet? Find them ··HERE·· and then come back here to learn how to install ACR adjustment brushes!

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