How to Create a Link-in-Bio on Instagram

Today let’s take a look at the “Website” field and how to create a link-in-bio on Instagram! You may be familiar with the link in bio concept, or may have seen other people make reference to “link in bio” in their posts to get you to click on their website link.

how to create a link in bio on instagram

Why Do I Need a Link In Bio?

If you’re like me, you have a main website, but sometimes in your IG posts you might want to direct people to a specific place online – reference specific blog posts, mini sessions available for booking, your FB page, your TikTok (I haven’t jumped on that train yet, but I’m sure many of you have – maybe you can teach me?!)

There are so many options available to create a list of links, and then you add this link to your bio so your audience can select where they want to go from there – it’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure – IG style.

How to create a link-in-bio on Instagram?

Personally, I use a ProPhoto theme on a WordPress website, so I have created a WP page, and added a menu system to that page in ProPhoto. You can check it out (and give me a follow) ··HERE··

If you own your own domain, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be creating these links on a page on your own site, rather than using one of the various other services. 

  1. It’s free
  2. You control exactly what it looks like
  3. The actual link you put in your bio looks cleaner and more professional and matches your brand vs the generic ones everyone else is using

If you can’t host a page like this on your own site, or just want to get something up quick while you work on it, check out these options:

LINKIT from Planoly (more on Planoly to come as well!)
Milkshake App from Later

Would you be interested in a video demo of how I set up my page in WordPress and ProPhoto? Let me know!

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